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ET interviews the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” and guest star Eliza Dushku

ET’s Samantha Harris pays a visit to the set of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory,” catching up with the cast and guest star Eliza Dushku! Plus, Kaley Cuoco dishes about working with a broken leg following a horseback riding accident!

"I’ve been wheeling myself in a wheelchair here to get around," Kaley says. "They proceed to stick me in corners where I can’t get out."

"It’s not as cruel as it sounds — it’s not half as cruel as most of the stuff I do to her," Kaley’s co-star and ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki jokes.

On tonight’s episode, Eliza Dushku joins the cast as an FBI agent investigating Howard (Simon Helberg), who is up for a top-secret government job. Johnny reveals that being interrogated by Eliza has been a longtime fantasy of his, with Kunal Nayyar adding, “She’s pretty intense – looking into those eyes, she makes me bare my whole soul to her.”

Watch the video to see the cast discuss the time they spent with Mary Hart on the ET stage!

You can catch “The Big Bang Theory” in its new timeslot, Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS


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